2D animation is the most popular type of animation that facilitates 2D animation makers to create an ongoing effect. 2D Animation is a widely use traditional animation technique, which is similar to the hand drawn animation. The 2D animation has the potential to capture complex movements in the frame. At AnimationZoom, we utilize the latest tools, software and technologies serve the best 2D animation services.

With years of experience in the animation field, the 2d animation makers at AnimationZoom serve to all client requests from conceptualization, storyboarding, character design, animation, etc. to produce the traditional/commercial comics and animations at the best price in the industry. Our team of professionals understands the importance of quality sketching, rigging and on time delivery.

AnimationZoom offers the Following 2D Animation Services

  • Entertainment:Short films, logo designing, storyboarding
  • Marketing:Product and services demonstrations, ad banners, trainings and event collaterals, company      advertisements
  • Publishing:Books and online magazines and comics
  • Academics:Class room tutorials and school promotions and events

Process of 2D Animation Creation at AnimationZoom

At AnimationZoom, we ensure that our 2D animation process fulfills your business requirements and convert basic ideas into high-quality end-results. Our professionals use latest technologies Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, 3DX Maya, and much more to bring the best results.

Concepts and Script Writing:

We at AnimationZoom start the process of animation by understanding the concept and script and create a basic sketch of cartoon characters and sequence of animation.


After finalizing the script and basic character designing, our animation makers develop a complete storyboard. The storyboard covers everything, including production layout, flow of the story, character design, etc.

Layout Design:

Once the storyboard is ready, our team starts designing layouts by using storyboards that define action and perspective in each scene.


Animators at AnimationZoom use animatic to pre-visualizing before actually starting the actual production work to get an idea of pace and style of the concept.

Frame Development:

The team then designs key frames to define the movements as well as the timing of movements.

Coloring and Cleanup:

After developing the key frames, our team of animators takes animation to the final stage of the drawings which is a clean-up process that generate one finished film. At this stage, colors are added to the animation.

Character Rigging and Animation:

In this stage, skeletons are designed by creating a series of bones which make and animate parts of the character in the 2D animation.

Editing and Compositing:

Our team of animators edits and composes various scenes of created in the previous step.

Voice Over:

This stage includes integration of music, voice and special effects with animation to add appeal and attractiveness.

Final Rendering Process:

Last but not least, a 2D model is created to bring the animation to life.

Key Strengths of Our 2D Animation Services

With AnimationZoom's, you will work with the best 2D animators’ team that understands your ideas and assimilates the best 2D animation for you. Some of the key features that our team brings to the partnership:

  • Character Animation:Animators at AnimationZoom takes care of pre-production tasks, including      conceptualizing, storyboarding, designing, editing, animatics, backgrounds and others. We do research and      analyze before designing any character and finalize the character that suits your idea.
  • Production Services:Apart from character designing and sketching, our team also offer the post production and      technical supports. All other important elements like sound effects, voice overs, character voices, background      scores, narrations, music compositions and jingles are also taken care by our team.
  • Realistic and Non-Realistic Motion Graphics:At AnimationZoom, we understand that flawless motion sequence      is an important part of any animation. We ensure that we provide the specific motions for all characters used in      the animation clips.
  • Technical Simulation and Animation:We have a team of expert simulation and technical experts deliver      complex animations like segment zooms, expanded views, exploding animations, line drawings, etc.
  • Rendering:We believe delivering quality over quantity, hence we make sure we cover all elements from fur/hair      simulation, reflective finishes, lighting, true life environmental rendering, and other to deliver the best animation.
  • Interactive Animation:We apply the best animation to all characters and offer the best animation that engage      the audience for a longer period of time. We incorporate latest technologies such as Adobe Flash to deliver the      most interactive animation services.
  • Distribution:Once successfully completing a project, we deliver the animation movie to you in preferred format.     If you want any specific format videos for video sharing on various websites to promote your business, we can     offer you high quality videos in any required format.

At AnimationZoom, we have implemented a project management system that monitors the entire designing process and the progress. We utilize the latest software and technology available in the market for animation production and transfer.