Logos play an important role in branding and creating strong online image. It also helps to promote products everywhere and become an essential element for grabbing attention. Animated logos grab the audience attention with their eye-catching animations and are widely used on web animations, smartphone ads, video productions, TV commercials and others. At AnimationZoom, we strongly believe that creative animated logos are not only represent a brand or product, but they also appeal to the audiences with a dynamic narrative that stimulates visual appeal and connect with emotions of consumers.

Our team of expert designers designs professional flash animation logo designs that are customized according to your business needs from scratch or by modifying your existing static logos. At AnimationZoom, our animated logo creations services talk for themselves and have helped numerous clients to achieve brand recognition and improved consumer awareness. We utilized cutting-edge software to design both 2D and 3D animated logos. The animated logos help business to improve brand awareness, better web marketing and other benefits for your business.

We Offer the Following Animated Logo Creations Services

  • 2D Logo Animation:Most business uses 2D logos to display on the websites and other advertising purposes. Our      2D logo maker can animate your 2D logo to catch attention of your potential consumer and communicate your      message in more subtle, effective manner. While working on 2D illustration for your business logo, our team of      animators keeps taking inputs from clients.
  • 3D Animated Logo:Our 3D logo makers create stunning 3D animated logos that can be used for web marketing      and on other multimedia channels. Our workplaces are equipped with all latest 3D animation software like Adobe      After Effects and other that enables our 3D logo creators to incorporate numerous animations like particle effects      simulating fire, snow, smoke and others or apply motion effects. After creating a logo, we export the 3D animated      logo as animated GIF, video, or as a sequence of images to ensure that you can use it as and when needed.
  • Flash Animation Logo Design:The widely used flash format is still an effective way to serve web content in a      little package. We help in creating and displaying interactive flash logos on web pages. Anybody with flash plugin      can view animated logos and banner. Our high-quality flash animations are incredibly lightweight and don’t have      any effects on your website’s load time.

Integrating a lively animated logo to your website and other marketing stuff can give the website more attractive and appealing look and ensure best page speed. With our best quality flash, 2D or 3D animation, we ensure improved website performance.

Why Choose AnimationZoom to Design Your Logo?

Our process of creating animated logos is complex. While designing animated logos for your business, we pay special attention on creativity and other minor details. Our team of animators has knowledge of modern design principles and trends to deliver the best. At AnimationZoom, we have well-experienced animators with knowledge of latest animation techniques that lead us to deliver the best, high quality animated logo designs.